Department: Marketing & Public Relations

Job Title: Marketing & Public Relations Specialist

Reporting to: Assistant Dean for Administration & Finance

Employment Mode: Full Time

Job purpose

To support the Marketing department in raising the visibility of the Muscat College by carrying
out an effective marketing and communications plan in order to:
1. Attract new students.
2. Publicize the strengths of the academic faculty.
3. Promote the profile of Muscat College as a whole to external audiences

Qualifications & Experience

1. Minimum Diploma's degree in communications, public relations or marketing OR
relevant field.
2. Background in marketing communications preferred

Main Responsibilities

1. Assess the image projected by the college. Provide relative feedback and suggestions to
the college administration concerning the public’s image, reactions and needs as they
relate to the college’s mission and programs.
2. Coordinate events including, speaking meeting, graduation ceremonies and exhibits.
3. Promote products and services through public relations initiatives.
4. Develop marketing communications campaigns
5. Periodic review of college’s public relations and marketing activities in order to evaluate
their effectiveness in promoting the college to stakeholders.
6. Ensuring efficiency & timely implementation of department policies and procedures.
7. Attract scholarships and Stakeholders from private and public sectors.
8. Coordinate with student affairs department to invite sponsorships from private sector for
college activities and projects.
9. Writing and producing marketing material such as brochures, posters, etc. for Muscat
College’s programs.
10. To be Proactive in searching out information for public relation purposes.
11. Coordinating the Muscat College’s presence at exhibitions
12. Gathering information on competitor colleges and programs
13. Programs, projects and counseling services.
14. To ensure all promotional media are kept up to date.
15. To represent Muscat College at functions as required, including open evenings, expos,
public meetings and similar events.
16. To adopt a professional attitude and high standard of personal presentation at all times.
17. To have exemplary communication skills and a good command of English.