Job Title: Manager – Management Information System

Reporting to: Asst. Dean – Academic Affairs

Employment Mode: Full Time

Duties - ProMIS

1. Administration of ProMIS system
• Creation of academic year
• Creation of Semesters
• Creation of Batches
• Creation of Divisions
• Creation of Users
• Granting & revoking user permissions
• Adding new programs
• Adding new units
• Adding prerequisite units
• Adding outcome settings for units
• Adding grading system
• Assigning units with programs
• Assigning units with batches
• Setting fees requirement for batches
• Creating study plan for students in each batch
• Preparing data for on line registration
• Uploading data for on line registration.

2. ProMIS - Operational Support to
• Admission & Registration department
• Finance department
• Human Resources & Administration department
• Library

3. Coordinating with all academic department ProMIS coordinators
4. Support to all academic departments for student registration
5. Support to all academic departments for attendance entry
6. Prepare weekly time table data for attendance status report system and import into system
7. Prepare Attendance status report for each department / Asst. Dean for following it up
8. To Support to all academic departments for conducting Unit and Assessor evaluation
9. Support to all academic departments during result entry
10. Support to all academic departments during result finalization
11. Support to all academic departments for result publication
12. Support to all academic departments for promoting students in each semester
13. Support for importing University of Stirling result into ProMIS
14. Corrections in the system based on the approval from Dean / Asst. Dean
15. Analyzing the current system and identify the new requirements
16. Periodic review with each department
17. Collating the requirements from each department
18. Finalize the new system requirements with Dean / Asst. Dean
19. Coordinating with ProMIS developers
20. To make a development schedule and identify milestones in updating the system
21. To monitor and ensure the timely implementation of the system modules
22. Periodic feedback to Dean / Asst. Dean
23. Staff training for new modules in ProMIS
24. Preparation of user manuals
25. Any other duties related to ProMIS assigned by Dean / Asst. Dean
26. ProMIS optimization as per the requirements
27. Error Handling